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Enterprise Integration

Today’s successful companies must manage an increased reliance on technology to feel business at lightning speed.Having the right systems in place and keeping them up and running 24*7 is critical to maintaining your customer’s trust and your competitive edge.   Read more ...

Data Architecture Consulting

Which artifacts to build and maintain? What level of detail to define and maintain? What business risks need to be managed? What will it cost and whose time will it require? What artifacts do we need the most today?   Read more ...

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Does your organization have point to point communication, non-optimal information management, not many reusable components, data silos, high development costs and inadequate channels for information delivery? Read more ...  

Infrastructure Architecture Consulting

Application implementation projects bring in their own set of hardware into being.Mergers and Acquisitions leave the companies with duplicate set of same services that are difficult to connect. Integration and consolidation are beyond imagination.  Read more ...

Enterprise Integration

It’s hard to manage day to day operations and strategic IT initiatives that drive your business forward and it’s all too easy to get bogged down with ever increasing complexity of IT.




You can minimize downtime and Maximize value with our Enterprise Integration Service Offerings.

From enterprise service desk to manage desktop and security solutions, our Enterprise Service offerings can help accomplish and deliver all critical aspects of IT operations. Given the years of experience, integrated process and depth of knowledge, we leverage these to provide the highest quality infrastructure support. We can help delivering the true value of IT through strategic solutions and pro active management. With our EI service offerings, you can free up resources to focus on delivering value to the business.


What’s in store for you?


  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

  • Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

  • Enterprise System Integration (ESI)

  • Enterprise Legacy Modernization (ELM)



Data Architecture Consulting

The ability to fully leverage your information assets is priceless.


When constructing a house, a blueprint is referred to, on which the description of all the structures to be built are mentioned. Anything from the choice of materials, sizes and style of the rooms and roofing, lay out of the plumbing and electrical structures are described in there. In the same manner, the data architecture describes the way data will be processed, stored and used by the organization that will use it. It lays out the criteria on processing operations including the whole flow of the system. The data architecture breaks down subjects into atomic level and then builds them up again to the desired form during the definition of the target state phase.


Designing data architecture is a complex process. With our data architecture offerings , we can help in relating abstract data models to real life business activities and entities before implementing the database design and finally setting up the IT hardware infrastructure. Only if the data architecture is stable and robust, a failure at one point can save a wave of failures that can cause the whole system to breakdown and result in a lot of monetary loss to the organizations.


What’s in store for you?


  • Data Strategy

  • Data Governance

  • Data Delivery

  • Data Integration​


Enterprise Architecture Consulting

All organizations are implementing extensive innovations to their existing business models. There is definitely the haste to deliver solutions to support this accelerated change agenda. Strategic planning and execution of resulting projects get hampered because of a lack of a shared view of the enterprise architecture. Highly regulated, standards-driven world pressurizes organizations across the industry spectrum to implement risk and compliance management solutions. These implementations have a significant impact on the way companies handle their data.


With our extensive experience in understanding the regulations on data as well as their impact on the enterprise architecture, we can help in analyzing the AS-IS architecture, put up a To-BE architecture and recommend approaches for enhancements wherever possible.

What can we help you with?

  • Delivering more value at greater speed and lower cost

  • Supporting anytime, anywhere computing on any device

  • Sustaining effective collaboration within a distributed workforce

  • Making systems available at all times to accommodate global markets

  • Capitalizing on data to fuel product and service innovations


What’s in store for you?


Enterprise Architecture Roadmap


We can help assess the current and probable future requirements for the enterprise architecture, technical and organizational issues that must be addressed to optimize performance, and the approach for enhancements to support business needs.




We sit across the table to discuss and provide expert advice on strategies for smooth roll-out of the implementation and manage detailed migration.


For Enterprise Architecture initiatives to deliver quantifiable results it needs a well governed compliant architectural perspective that is applied across the Business and IT divisions within an organization. We bring to the table Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture (EIA), Enterprise Data Architecture (EDA), and Enterprise Application Architecture (EAA).


Infrastructure Architecture Consulting

Infrastructure Architecture has become a necessity. When managing business continuity and saving on costly administrative staff is the prime focus, investment in infrastructure architecture has to be considered.


With our Infrastructure Architecture Consulting service offerings, we can help to rationalize, standardize, and structure your infrastructure landscape. We can help you be flexible and agile, by providing a solid and naturally scalable, modular infrastructure. No doubt that proper project management, skilled design, construction, and operation are essential to implement and maintain reliable infrastructure services but to make infrastructures consistent and fitting with business needs, architecture is indispensable. Technology, Skills, Governance and Processes are the key aspects that need to be focused on when optimizing the IT infrastructure.

We can assist align IT services with the needs of business.


What's in store for you?


  • Strategy

  • Analyzes the existing infrastructure to develop the right strategy.

  • Architecture

  • Designs infrastructure architecture through technology relationship maps and service delivery modes.

  • Consolidation / Optimization

  • Evaluates technology and solution, for consolidation and optimization

  • Service Management

  • Designs infrastructure related services aligning capabilities with requirements


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