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Business Consulting Services

Enterprise Risk Management

Are you in quest of best practices that would ensue in “Striking growth”, “Enhanced expansion”, “Innovation”, “Excellent organizational performance”, “Customer and market strategy”, “Designing new products and services from scratch”, “Re-architecting existing processes” ?   Read more ...

Worried about risks in strategy, finance, operations and technology? Today’s business world is volatile and very unpredictable. It is fraught with risk. Risk management is an attempt to identify, measure, monitor and to manage uncertainty.   Read more ...  

Programme Management

Portfolio Management

Do you have multiple similar kind of projects being run concurrently? Do the projects you manage have shared or overlapping resources?Do you manage a portfolio of projects in different geographical locations? Do you have a huge project running but you doubt its success?   Read more ...

Are the projects getting delayed because you are finding it difficult to get enough skilled resources for them? Is the turnover rate too high? Are your resources over burdened with multiple project responsibilities? Is the project unstable? Do the projects not meet the strategic needs keeping which in mind they were started?  Read more ...

Business Consulting Services

Reverside’s business consulting offerings can aid you in driving your business more efficiently by strengthening the four pillars of success – People, Processes, Technology and Strategy.


How we do it?


We step into your shoes to understand your dreams ,requirements and strengths. Over the years, we have partnered with clients in solving their most critical business problems, helping them take better decisions, translate actions into results and create sustainable business advantage.We help you align your long term vision with your short term achievements and plans.


We believe in inducing innovation at all organizational levels.We are competent in translating actions into results and creating sustainable business advantage.


Programme Management

Do you manage a portfolio of projects in different geographical locations?

Do you have a huge project running but you doubt its success?

Is it becoming increasingly difficult for your project managers to handle multiple projects?


With Reverside ‘s Programme management service offerings we help you classify all similar projects as one programme and learn to utilize the past project experiences as best practices to manage the programme effeciently, thus ensuring success.


What’s in store for you?


Programme Identification


Identifies the programmes that align with the strategy and direction of the organization The Business case, scope of work and expected outcomes are documented.  


Programme Planning


Designs the programmes effectively with clear objectives , a right approach, assigning roles and responsibilities within the team and setting the priorities of the projects involved.


Programme Delivery


Assesses risks and ensures that the progress made on individual projects which contribute to the programme stay aligned with the overall strategic objective of the organization.


Programme Closure


Demonstrates the percentage of success attained in realizing the benefits that were identified earlier. All lessons learned in the process are documented for future use.


Our approach concentrates on delivering


  • New capabilities and services

  • Business plan

  • Strategic objectives

  • Change

  • Other initiatives


Enterprise Risk Management

With Reverside’s Enterprise Risk Management offerings risk would become part of your everyday agenda. We will help you identify opportunities in risks making risk management less bureaucratic, less resource intensive and more focused on implementing strategies that will help your organization realize its long-term goals.


What’s in store for you?


Risk Identification


Helps management to identify the potential events in the full scope of the organization that can become a hurdle in way of achieving the set objectives.  Its not only the events with a negative impact that need to be identified but also the positive ones which might offset negative impacts or even represent opportunities.


Risk Assessment


Helps in the evaluation of each identified risk in accordance of its probability of occurrence and its magnitude of impact. Management can then prioritize among risks and decide on actions to be taken. Both the probability of occurrence and effect are examined individually and categorically.




Helps the management in making a choice from the available options of response . Cost and Benefits are both considered when deciding whether to avoid the risk, reduce it or share and accept it.The basic goal of this activity is to keep the impact of the risk within the desired tolerance level.  




Helps to ensure that the response agreed upon by the management is brought into effect. Control activities are carried out throughout the organization in various forms – approvals,authorizations, review etc.




Helps in smooth flow of significant information both upstream and downstream in an organization. It is important that pertinent information is identified, captured and communicated in a form and time frame that enable people to carry out their responsibilities




Helps in keeping an eye on the implementation of enterprise risk management. Enterprise risk management deficiencies are reported upstream, with serious matters reported to top management and the board.


Portfolio Management

Reverside’s Portfolio Management offerings can help you gain control of your IT projects and deliver meaningful value to the business. Portfolio management takes a holistic view of a company’s overall IT strategy. Both IT and business leaders vet project proposals by matching them with the company’s strategic objectives. We can help you reduce your overall IT applications expenditures substantially.


What’s in store for you?


Performance Metrics


Helps in avoiding project delays, massive project budgets, free the projects of cost overrun and hence avoid failure. Most organizations have problems with their measures and metrics. We can assist in getting over the problems like too much data, unused measures, time consuming data collection and reporting process, poor quality data , unused reports. There’s an ocean of data, but you have to fish for measures that support your business processes. Attempting to navigate the waters of project and portfolio management without metrics is like sailing a ship without a compass!


Resource Management


Helps in deploying and organization’s resources effectively as, when and where they are needed. These can include financial resources, inventory, human resources, technical skills, production and design.In addition to project-level resource allocation, users can also model ‘what-if’ resource scenarios, and extend this view across the portfolio.


Financial Tracking


Helps in improving the accuracy for estimating and managing the financial resources of a project or group of projects. In addition, the value of projects can be demonstrated in relation to the strategic objectives and priorities of the organization through financial controls and to assess progress through earned value and other project financial techniques.


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